Not confident about working with a designer?

Creating a great design brief WILL GIVE YOU CONFIDENCE and you’ll become YOUR DESIGNER’S FAVOURITE CLIENT!

You have a vision, but need help to communicate it to your designer

Starting your business means you’re someone who loves to take action and jumpstart change. 

You know sharing your passion is critical for building your business, but don’t know how to do this visually to set yourself apart from the competition, so you hire a designer…

What now?  

You may not have everything figured out yet, but that’s ok.

Working through the design brief process, will help you articulate your vision and goals for your business. Then, in return, your graphic designer can use this as a foundation to help you build a brand that speaks to your target audience and keeps you on track to success.


This FREE download will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Writing a design brief can sound intimidating, but I’m here to help! I’ve created this free guide to help you think through the briefing process and get the ideas out of your head on to paper.

Following the guide will make it a fun and pleasurable experience and a lot less daunting.

Inside the How to Write a Design Brief guide you’ll find:  

  • The 10 essential components that make an awesome design brief
  • Examples and tips to help you articulate your vision
  • A FREE brief template you can start using right away


If you’re ready to dive deep into your passion and share what you want to achieve with your business, download this free guide today!