Well, hello there!
I’m Amanda.

Creating is something that brings me true happiness. I had no idea when I was younger I would have the opportunity to do what I do now…but my dad knew! I studied interior design, jewellery design, textile design, and more before eventually realising dad was right.

Just as your business comes naturally for you, graphic design comes naturally for me and I enjoy the wonderful challenge of bringing someone’s passionate ideas to life, especially those who aren’t quite sure how to express themselves visually.

Though my dad is no longer with me, for the past 15 years I’ve infused my heart in every single project so I can honour him… the first person who saw this side of me and believed in what I could create, and create the best for my clients.

It’s a powerful feeling when someone believes in you. So I’ll be in your corner, helping you thrive in what you love most in life!

Amanda xoxo

I love helping

my clients..


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I’ve worked with

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If you need a refresh of your current logo design or you’re starting from scratch, I am a knowledgeable and experienced graphic designer that co-creates along with you so you have a logo design that is memorable and proudly represents your vision.  Bringing ideas to life is my jam!


By launching your own business I already know you have a passionate and creative soul, so don’t settle for a ho-hum brand design! If it’s modern and contemporary or minimalist and clean, I will bring your brand to life and infuse it with your unique personality so you stand out from the competition.


Once you have the perfect logo design and brand, it’s important to keep it consistent across all areas of your small business. From business cards, letter head, Facebook, and YouTube, to tote bags, shirts, stickers, and mugs, you’ll fall in love again every time you Tweet or ship out an order!

You know that magic moment when you find someone that is just super kick-butt at their job, and so stupendously talented that they make your life awesome? That’s how I felt when I first worked with Amanda {and continue to feel!}, and I was super happy that I promptly signed her up to do a whole heap of work that I’d been dreaming about. She’s fast, totally gets it, and is just brilliant. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone, unless of course it means that she no longer has time for me… then I might have to keep her a secret!


Amanda is nothing short of a design therapist! She was always patient and kind when I was indecisive and fickle. Her way of collecting and organising my ideas and finally presenting it to me in a clear and streamlined way rendered them into a beautifully designed space.


Alana Deukett

Amanda not only brings the creative goods to the table, she delivers work promptly and to deadline. Having a graphic designer who understands your brand is essential to keeping your business message consistent and relevant in a very noisy market. Amanda achieves that for us on a weekly basis – and has been doing so for more than five years. 


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If you would like to learn more about my services and prices, please request my price list. It provides more in depth details about what I offer and when you’re ready to begin your design journey, contact me so we can get started!